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The Carolwood Foundation

Carolwood Foundation |

The Carolwood Foundation’s mission is to preserve Walt Disney’s railroad legacy. We accomplish this through: sharing our volunteers’ and supporters’ love of railroading; teaching our children to understand the role that railroads served in building America, and encouraging the continual appreciation of railroading.

The Carolwood Foundation hosts several book signing events each year which have resulted in the creation of lifelong friendships among our members, and wonderful memories for all. We also operate Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn, located in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, on behalf of the Walt Disney Family Foundation.

The Carolwood Foundation was formed in 2005, by a group of dedicated Walt Disney fans who love trains as much as Walt did. The Carolwood Foundation is a separate organization from the Carolwood Society.

How can you help?

Your donation will allow the Carolwood Foundation to continue to operate and manage Walt’s Barn.

Because the Foundation is a 501(c) 3 charity, your contribution may be tax deductable; please consult your tax advisor (tax ID#20-3112747)

Thank you for your support of Walt’s Railroad Legacy.

Walt Disney's Barn |

Walt’s Barn

Walt’s Barn is a living showcase of Walt’s passion for railroading. Operated by the non-profit Carolwood Foundation, Walt’s Barn is filled with trains of all scales. Many of Walt’s personal items and tools are displayed including work benches he built himself. Our guests also enjoy seeing the depot from animator Ollie Johnston’s miniature railroad and our newest addition: an original “combine” coach from the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad!

Board of Directors

Jeff Ino – President
Sam Towler – Vice President
Bill Reyes – Secretary
Larry Varblow – Treasurer
Larry Boone – Superintendent
Joanna Miller – Disney Family
Cathy Bluem
Alix Collaro
Doug Marsh